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13.07.2018, 15:29

Hiwi Job: Tracking Breaking Events in Twitter

In the context of Alexandria project, L3S Research Center is offering a HiWi position for students majoring in Informatics. Expected working time is about 40 hours per month.

Twitter is an extremely popular social media platform. People worldwide have been heavily using Twitter for reporting, seeking, and sharing information. Acquiring and understanding information content shared on Twitter is therefore vital for many important applications, such as event detection, trend analysis, social sensing, and public opinion monitoring.

We would like to build a dashboard for tracking breaking events in Twitter. Specifically, we aim to develop a web-based real-time application that can retrieve, analyze, and visualize text and media content about the events that people share on Twitter.

The main tasks of the HiWi position include the followings:
- Implement algorithms for information retrieval and analysis
- Build web-based systems for integrating these algorithms
- Build web interfaces to visualize the analysis result.

An ideal candidate should be:
- A self motivated learner
- Experienced with web programming (Java, JavaScript, Node.js, AJAX, etc.)
- Basic understanding about web-based visualization tools (e.g. D3)
- Basic understanding about information retrieval and machine learning models

Interested students are encouraged to email to Mr. Tuan-Anh Hoang at for scheduling a meeting.