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Emad Fawaz



Thursday, April 6th 2017, 9:32am

An Opportunity to EXIST –Business Start-Ups

An Opportunity to EXIST –Business Start-Ups Grant

EXIST is a support program of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).
This program aims at improving the entrepreneurial environment at universities and research institutes. It also aims at increasing the number and success of technology and knowledge based business start-ups.
The BMWi supports university graduates, scientists as well as students to this end in preparing their technology and knowledge based start-ups. EXIST also promotes a lively and lasting entrepreneurial culture at public and private universities.
An entrepreneur is forming a founding team (Gründungsteam) to apply for The EXIST Business Start-up Grant. This is a great opportunity to join a very promising Start-up in the field of Digital Health.
We are mainly looking for a developer and/or medical affiliated candidate who is familiar with oncology. Experience in Mobile Applications (or welling to learn it) will be highly appreciated. The work responsibilities will be divided into modules, enabling you the maximum flexibility. During the Exist program we will be working from the L3S Start-up incubator under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nejdl.

Needed Qualifications:
Language skills: fluent in English or German with good knowledge in the other language. Other language skills will be appreciated.

For developer:
You should be passionate about innovation with experience in developing communication tools and mobile applications. Experience in Android, IOS and/or Windows, using their native languages or using cross platform applications, will be appreciated. S/he should be able to achieve the following:
· Using JSON to receive and send data from and to web services
· Developing chatting apps based on text messages or audio and video live chatting
· Good knowledge in data security and Cryptography
· Developing multilingual apps
Self-Motivated, reliable with sense of humor are essential characteristics to join our team.

For medical partner:
Any graduate and/or student in a medical related field who has interest in oncology.
Self-Motivated, reliable with sense of humor are essential characteristics to join our team.

Exist Conditions:
The applicant must be
- A graduate (not enrolled in a study) or
- Enrolled Student (who have finished >50% of needed credit hours toward any degree) or
- PhD candidate
Enrolled students who did not finish at least 50% of their required credit hours can NOT receive the grant and will be excluded.

The brutto monthly stipend will be determined based on the level of education at the time of receiving the grant as in:
- 1000 Euro/month for enrolled student (below PhD level)
- 2500 Euro/month for graduates or PhD candidates
- 3000 Euro/month for PhD holder.
In case of graduating within the time of the project, the salary will be adjusted to the higher level starting from the following month after graduation. The grant will include a monthly salary for one year. Afterwards, the founder will be offered a leading position + profit shares in the founded company.

Please familiarize yourself with The EXIST Business Start-up Grant from:

Please submit your CV to
POC: Frau Susanne Ötzmann (oetzmann@l3s.de)
Or to: Emad Fawaz (emadeldin.yehia@gmail.com)