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Saturday, April 12th 2003, 9:37am

"Geniale" Spam-Mail

Ich habe diese Spam-Mail heute morgen bekommen:


Dear Sir/Madam, I got your contact while searching for somebody who will be of immediate assistance to me now, then I decided to forward this business proposal to you with hope that it will be of benefit to both of us. Let me introduce myself to you.I'm Franka Guei, the second wife of late , the former military ruler of ( cote d' Ivoire /ivory coast,) who had just been killed on 19/9/2002 with some of his loyalist officers during a cross fire battle between them and government troops in his attempt to seize power through coup de eta in Abidjan on 19/9/2002 . In brief, I have the sum of Eighteen million united states dollars only(us$18m) which I want to move out of here with most despatch. This money was deposited by my late husband in a security company for the purpose of using it to fine tune his administration in the invent that he succeed in the fail coup attempt. While I was also made the sole beneficiary and next of kin as the second wife to my husband. So because of the present situation in my country cote d' ivoire, my Attorney advised me to leave the country immediately for security reasons, and also to look for a trust worthy foreign partner who can assist me to transfer the money out of South Africa to his private or company's account for investment. Please, I highly need your assistance both in transferring the money to your country and also investing it in a profitable venture with your kind advice ,as I confide in you hoping you will never betray me at last. I have proposed (30%) percent of the total sum of the money for you as your own commission, so as for you to give us all necessary assistance and protection we may need in your Country. Please treat as highly confidential because our future depends on this money, all the vital documents covering the deposit of the fund in a security company are with me here and will be used to effect change of ownership in your favour for subsequent transfer to any account you may wish us to use abroad. What I want you to do is to indicate your interest that you will assist us by receiving the money on our behalf. Acknowledge this message, so that I can introduce you to my son (MIKE GUEI) who has the modalities for the claim of the said fund. The identity of the finance company where the fund is deposited, will be revealed to you by my son as soon as I recieve confirmation from you on your willingness to proceed, as seeing is believing. Reach me through this mail box to discuss modalities on how to proceed.Reply to frankaguei0@netscape.net Looking forward to hearing from you urgent. Best wishes. Mrs.Franka Guei

Tolle Geschichte nur wer fällt auf sowas rein? :rolleyes:
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Saturday, April 12th 2003, 10:27am


Original von cowhen
Ich habe diese Spam-Mail heute morgen bekommen:

Das ist doch eine uralte Geschichte, die gibts schon seit Jahren, in Briefform sogar seit Jahrzehnten. Nennt sich auch die Nigeria-Connection, wobei neuerdings auch Briefe aus dem Irak auftauchen ;)
Mehr gibts bei http://www.nigeria-connection.de/ .


Tolle Geschichte nur wer fällt auf sowas rein? :rolleyes:

Z. B. der Kämmerer einer deutschen Stadt. Ist vor 3, 4 Jahren mal durch alle Medien gegangen, ich weiß aber leider nicht mehr, welche Stadt das war.
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Saturday, April 12th 2003, 10:28am

gibt bestimmt n paar seppel die auf sowas reinfallen (hab schon 2mal sone tolle geschichte aus "süd afrika" bekommen, größte summe 80mille) ...aber was genau passiert wenn man darauf antwortet weis ich leider nicht 8o bestimmt nur be billige spawm mail um rauszufinden ob die angesprochene email willig für weitere spawm mails is :D

ps: jetzt wissen wa wieso es soviele reiche gibbt :rolleyes:

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Sunday, April 13th 2003, 11:40pm


Original von T2k
gibt bestimmt n paar seppel die auf sowas reinfallen

Bekanntestes Beispiel: Stadtverwaltung Mönchengladbach (oder so), die haben einen kleineren Betrag (einige 100K DM) da gelassen. War wohl ein etwas gieriger Kämmerer.

Die FU Berlin hat dazu im Rahmen ihrer Hoaxes-Seite eine eigene Sektion zu, iirc.

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