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Saturday, October 16th 2004, 11:52am

IBM Linux Challenge

Vielleicht interessiert das ja irgendjemanden.

IBM Linux Challenge: http://www.ibm.com/university/linuxchallenge


New challenges and new chances to participate in a Linux Contest

College and university students can make improvements to Linux, create usability tools or enhancements, or design Linux applications.

The goals of the contest are to:

1. Promote student use of Linux worldwide
2. Solve real-world Linux issues-make Linux better!
3. Design or develop an application using Linux

Prizes will be awarded to the top 20 entries, judged by IBM Linux personnel. These 20 students will receive an IBM ThinkPad with Linux and will also have the opportunity to qualify for one of three summer 2005 Internships at our Linux Technology Center. There will also be a University Award, one (1) Linux 16-node "start-up" cluster, given to the university who has the highest overall average from their students' entries.

Meine Anmerkung: Da will ein Hersteller mal wieder günstig Know-How erlangen. Mich stört's nicht.
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