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Friday, October 11th 2002, 3:48pm

In Nomine Programmatis...

I refuse to submit
To the god you say is kind
I know what's right, and it is time
It's time to fight, and free our minds

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Friday, October 11th 2002, 6:48pm

- All your base are belong to us -


free rider

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Tuesday, October 15th 2002, 11:53pm

Das ist ja wirklich unglaublich! :D



(This is the contents of the file primes.spl.)

Prime Number Computation in Copenhagen.

Romeo, a young man of Verona.
Juliet, a young woman.
Hamlet, a temporary variable from Denmark.
The Ghost, a limiting factor (and by a remarkable coincidence also
Hamlet's father).

Act I: Interview with the other side.

Scene I: At the last hour before dawn.

[Enter the Ghost and Juliet]

The Ghost:
You pretty little warm thing! Thou art as prompt as the difference
between the square of thyself and your golden hair. Speak your mind.

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